I have been teaching both acoustic and electric bass for over 40 years, ten of which have been here in Westchester County, New York. I particularly enjoy teaching beginning to intermediate students and adjust my teaching accordingly. I also teach adults and enjoy sharing my experience in playing the bass. 

The methods I use are: 

1. “ The Yorke Edition", 

2. “ The Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass”, Volumes 1, 2, and 3,  by George Vance.

3. “ The Vade Mecum" by George Vance,

4. “The Bach Cello Suites”, either transposed for bass or in the original for the cello,

5.  “The New Technique For The Contrabass”, (Volumes 1, 2 and 3) by François Rabbath,

6. “The Twelve Waltzes” by Domenico Dragonetti.

7.  “8 Duets” by the great Jazz bassist Harvie S., for students interested in studing Jazz bass.

8. Transcribed bass lines from older Rock songs for my electric bass students.

I am a member of the Westchester County School Music Association (WCSMA). I teach either at my home or drive to the student’s house.


© David Dunaway 2012