By Request


This is an unusual recording in that I never knew who Art Van Damme was until a former student of his, and a friend of mine, Joe Speck, arranged a four night performance with him at a club in San Francisco called "Montefusco's". The band was a collection of young guys like Paul Yonemura, drums, Steve Erquiaga, guitar, and Brian Atkinson on Vibes. We were not prepared for what happened! Art totally blew us away by his ease, technique, sound, swing, humor, and was an absolute gentleman! And those tempos - oh my God! - blisteringly fast tempos that swung hard and really made us think!!! He was so happy with us that when the opportunity to record this album came up, he asked us to record it with him! As a side bar, this was the first album I recorded on acoustic bass, having just bought it a few months before!

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