Bassist David Dunaway was born in San Francisco and it was apparent at an early age that music would be his calling. In elementary school he began on clarinet and while in middle school, he added saxophone and oboe. In high school he settled on the baritone sax and continued on it until he heard the Beatles and, in particular, the bass work of Paul McCartney. From that moment on, he was hooked on the electric bass and Rock and Roll. He quickly joined two different bands without having procured an instrument or an amplifier. He quickly learned songs and their bass lines and before too long, he was improvising on them. As he was still playing baritone sax in college,  he came to realize that he had to chose between playing classical sax and becoming a music teacher, or drop out and become a full time bassist. He chose the bass. Prior to 1979, he had been strictly an electric bassist and, as he was playing  Jazz full time, he decided to buy an upright bass and quickly became proficient on it. So much so, that within three months after buying it, both  Jazz accordionist Art Van Damme and world music pioneer band Listen feat. Mel Martin, asked him to record with it. 

David has performed with artists such as John Handy, Della Reese, Chet Baker, Gato Barbieri, Candido, James Galway, George Shearing, the Jazz Tap Ensemble, Cleo Laine and John Dankworth, and the Duke Ellington Orchestra.